After a Prolonged Void

It's a motherfucker, gang.

Much has happened since I started PROFESSIONALLY CATCHY, steeped deeply in the wealth of cosmetic, meaningless warfare and profligate tax breaks that the Bush years provided to so many of us years ago.

After a pent-up rage boiled in the people, wanting so badly to put yet another Texan behind them, we found someone we thought was different.

We thought we elected the coolest president ever, only to find out that he was fine with corporate welfare too. Fine with drone warfare blazing dotted lines of ammunition through innocent people too. Fine with domestic spying too. Fine with...well, pretty much everything Dubya done did.

I died a little inside.

I mean, trust me, I didn't think the liberals were going to save the universe or anything, but I really thought that in 2008, things were going to turn around.

I thought I could stop apologizing for being an American when I flew international. I thought I could stop hiding my passport and probably saying 'eh' way too much for even a fake Canadian.

Instead, they pissed away their months-long supermajority whining about the right as if they had ANY POWER AT ALL. It was almost like the left had gotten so used to having their asses handed to them by buffoons like Dubya that even when they won, and won BIG, they thought they were still losing.

When they finally passed their shitty healthcare law, it was something no one but the blindest truebelivers in HOPE expected or supported. The "social reform" amounted to spanking THE SAME PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP with a fine for refusing to do business THE SAME INSURANCE COMPANIES that the left villianized in their stumping speeches in the months before taking the reins.

It's not fair to call the shitty healthcare law "Obamacare", as Mr. Obama had an enormous amount of help in fumbling the ball to just about every other member of democratic leadership before finally handing the whole game to the right-bought "blue dogs" and the insurance companies we directed our two-minutes hate against in the lead-up to the 2008 election.

Between the healthcare fumble and losing the last election, there was a lot of foriegn posturing, self-assured admissions of vast domestic spying (greeted with an easily pacified microgrowl), feeble attempts at internet regulation and a bizarre feel-good but ironically-criminalizing and deeply troubling zero tolerance dragnet in the name of ANTI-BULLYING.

The failure of the left's own narrative is embodied in both the left's actions and inactions of the last six years.

  • Mr. Obama and the Democratic congress failed to address any public concern of the Bush administration's policies of domestic spying and expanded executive power
  • With reassurances from his Attorney General, Mr. Obama FURTHER expanded the aforementioned Bush policies--and unapologetically.
  • Mr. Obama balked on repealing DADT, a case of a commander-in-chief effectively waiting for the military's permission to do his job.
  • No matter the majority of the seats they held, the entire pathetic democratic leadership was effectively beaten and held down by the party of Sam Brownback and Rick Perry, the party of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

In the ways I wanted them to be left, they were right instead.

In the ways I'd rather they be more middle or right, they were falling off their own fucking port side.

So now the right is back, and our superhero-turned-milquetoast is a lame duck.
Now the right is back, and I'm no longer fuzzy with the left.
Now the right is back, but I like science and I still don't give a fuck about Jesus.
Now the right is back, and I love abortion rights, but I hate fundamentalist feminists that make Andrea Dworkin look like Elizabeth fucking Hasselback.

I have no friends in this country, gang.

It's a motherfucker.